"Zero Palu, I pledge"

Maladies transmises par les moustiques

How to participate ?

A Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) process to enroll your employees in the struggle against malaria !

Add your logo to a distribution campaign PREV Kit Paluwith an awareness of proximity (educational talks) on the ground in Africa

Share your actions through video testimonies and photoreports.

Strengthen knowledge through the Quiz playful and interactive digital version (Malaria Quiz)

Broadcast the digital campaign on social medias (safety key takeaways)

Experience the Health caravan in 3D !

Take part in videoconferences host by committed leading figures.


Video testimonies

The Health Caravan

The logistics’ trailer

The Health caravan follows a precise path towards target companies. At each step of the journey, measures are rolled out and actions are undertaken by a skilled health-care providers’ team. Free quick tests are offered to the participants, based on volunteering and anonymity. The test results are immediatly handed over in person.

1- Reception and body measurements registrations (height and weight)

2- Risks assessment

3- Awareness action for participants

4- Participants’ form printing

5- Screening tests on participants

6- Medical advice to at-risk participants


Contact use


110 Dtsr. General de Gaulle, Paris la Défense, France


Phone : +33 6 662 60 95 44

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